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Common paint problems

There are several common makeup problems that can do during the oil process.

Some of these issues include:

Cracking: This occurs when the makeup film becomes brittle and begins to crack, frequently due to indecorous face medication or using the wrong makeup type for the face.

Flaking: Analogous to cracking, unloading occurs when the makeup begins to peel down from the face, generally due to humidity or moisture.

Cementing: This issue arises when the makeup forms lumps or clumps on the face, frequently caused by using too important makeup or applying it too thickly.

Shelling: Peeling is when the makeup film separates from the face, generally due to humidity or indecorous face medication.

Blistering: Also known as washing, this occurs when air or humidity becomes trapped beneath the makeup face, causing it to form pocks or bubbles.

Efflorescence: This is a white, chalky substance that forms on the face, frequently due to the presence of mariners in the makeup or the underpinning face.

Alligatoring: This problem appears as a series of small, irregular cracks that act the skin of an alligator, generally caused by multiple layers of makeup being applied over time.

Chalking: This occurs when the makeup begins to break down and turn into a fine greasepaint, frequently due to exposure to the rudiments or indecorous makeup selection.

To fix these issues, it’s essential to identify the cause and address it consequently. For illustration, if shelling is caused by humidity, you may need to remove the shelling makeup, repair any damage, and apply a humidity- resistant manual beforerepainting. However, you should remove the pocks, allow the face to dry, If blistering is due to trapped humidity.

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