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how does the digital divide affect education in pakistan

The digital divide significantly impacts education in Pakistan by creating disparities in access to technology, internet connectivity, and online resources. Students from low-income families face challenges accessing online education, with less than ten percent of public institution students able to utilize educational transmissions during the pandemic.

Elite private institutions quickly adapted to online classes, leaving disadvantaged students behind due to lack of necessary resources like laptops and internet access. 

The divide is evident in regions with limited 3G and 4G coverage, isolating them from educational opportunities during lockdowns. 

Rural areas struggle with limited internet access, hindering participation in online education programs and impeding teacher training and professional development. 

The digital gap also affects student progression tracking and evaluation, limiting the ability to monitor educational outcomes effectively. 

To address these challenges, a multifaceted strategy involving government initiatives, private sector partnerships, technology infrastructure investment, teacher training programs, and efforts to promote equal access to technology is crucial to mitigate the negative impact of the digital divide on education in Pakistan.

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