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what are some common types of paint that can cause cracking

Paint cracking can occur due to various reasons, leading to an undesirable appearance on surfaces. Different types of cracking, such as mud cracks, hairline cracks, and alligator cracks, can happen for specific causes like extra thick coats of paint, dirty surfaces, over-spread application, poor paint quality, or application over wet walls.

To fix cracked paint, the recommended approach is to sand down the affected area, prime it, and repaint. Simply overpainting may fill the cracks but won’t address the underlying issue.

Hairline cracks in paint are often caused by factors like poor adhesion due to improper surface preparation, heat, or moisture. To fix hairline cracks, it’s essential to remove loose paint, sand the area, prime it for better adhesion, and apply a fresh coat of paint. For more extensive damage, scraping off the paint and repainting may be necessary

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