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what are the government policies to address the issue of job security for teachers in pakistan

The government of Pakistan has implemented various policies and initiatives to address the issue of job security for teachers. These policies aim to improve the quality of education and support the professional growth and well-being of teachers. Some of the key policies and initiatives include:

  1. Strengthening of Teacher Training Institutions: The National Education Policy (1979) recommended upgrading primary teacher training institutions to Colleges of Education and strengthening in-service training centers in the provinces. The policy also proposed upgrading teacher training curricula and setting up a national commission for teachers.
  2. Regular In-Service Training Programs: The National Education Policy (1992) advocated for regular in-service training programs for teachers at all levels, including distance education methods. The policy also suggested upgrading teacher training curricula and establishing a national institute of teacher education.
  3. Recruitment and Training of Teachers: The National Education Policy (1998-2010) proposed strengthening in-service institutions of teachers’ training, establishment of the National Institute of Teacher Education, revision of curriculum and method of instruction in teacher training institutions, and introduction of Bachelor in Education (BA.Ed.).
  4. Special Incentives for Teachers: The policy recommended special incentives for teachers to attract talented students into the teaching profession and special incentives for rural female teachers to join the teaching profession.
  5. Diploma in Education Program: The policy suggested a Diploma in Education program for Matriculates (Secondary School Certificates holders) with three years duration to enable prospective teachers to obtain integrated training both in school subjects and pedagogical skills.
  6. Recruitment of Female Teachers: The policy recommended recruiting 70% female teachers in newly established primary schools.
  7. Education Sector Reforms (ESRs): The government initiated ESRs as an action plan for implementing the National Education Policy (1998-2010), including teacher education reforms.
  8. Merit-Based Teacher Recruitment: Government initiatives since the 2000s have focused on ensuring a merit-based teacher recruitment process, improving the applicant screening process at entry, and raising the minimum qualifications for public school teachers.
  9. Teacher Training and Capacity Building: The government needs to strengthen the capacity of teacher training institutions by increasing the number and quality of teacher educators and trainers to improve teaching quality.
  10. School-Based Support and Mentoring Programs: Bolstering school-based support and mentoring programs may be a viable option instead of scaling up in-service training, given the constraints in improving teacher education programs.

These policies and initiatives aim to address the issue of job security for teachers in Pakistan by improving the quality of education, providing better working conditions, and enhancing the professional growth and well-being of teachers.

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